Our world is in need!

Can we afford to have an "It is what it is" attitude?

Welcome to RecyclewithMichael.com, it would be an honor and a true joy to take this opportunity to show you the fountains I have been creating since 2006. What's more important to me than just showing you pictures of my works, is to share with you how these fountains are created!

There are so many household items that are usually thrown away or recycled through another process and I propose we create with them! I want to show you how to transform that one gallon plastic milk jug into a beautiful piece of nature complete with a waterfall, live plant, natural rock and drift wood. By creating using recycled plastic containers you can be assured not to run out of material, especialy when the finished product is covered with rock and gravel. This is a brand new way to recycle and has taken me years to perfect, because I kept finding easier and better ways to create the fountains, adding lights and being able to create them so that they are leak proof, lighter weight and more beautiful. The fountains have evolved to a point where they are ready to be shared with everyone. I have written an instruction book (available for purchase below) and I am so excited to share it with you!

My desire is to inspire others to recycle!
By helping them learn to transform recycled materials into beautiful works, that will hopefully elicit a few wows as you #showyourwork.

I would love to spread the Recycle with Michael movement by training individuals to become certified instructors. Benefits of becoming an instructor include; creating your own hours, your own clients, and your own income.

Recycle with Michael, it’s a lot of fun!

Please check out The Milk Jug Fountain book!

It's complete with pictures and easy to follow instructions teaching you how to create your very own unique fountains using recycled materials.

It is priced at just $4.95 for a digital copy of the book. Plus half of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross and the Food Banks Of The Rockies.

My new bookThe 5 Gallon Bucket Series is coming summer 2017!

I am excited to expand your recycling projects and teach you how to create bigger & more impressive fountains from 5 galloon buckets, and other recycled materials.

If you enjoy my first book The Milk Jug Fountain then I'm sure you will love taking your fountain building and recycling skills to new heights with me!

Click here to order the Recycle with Michael Book!